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You may have received a letter from The Marketplace… Many of our clients have asked about who the Marketplace is and if they should send in important documents when they receive a letter request. We thought it would be helpful to give you some information in case you have received a letter request or in case you will receive one in the future.

The Marketplace is a government entity that is connected with When we fill out an application for you to receive a tax credit or subsidy on your health insurance premium (regardless of the carrier you choose) it goes through the Marketplace. Filling out this application and going through this process is what allows you to receive your subsidy or tax credit.

We recommend that you submit your paperwork to the Marketplace when they send you a formal letter request, seeing as they are the entity that allows you to receive your tax credit. We know that this may be uncomfortable if you are not sure what the Marketplace is or if you are confused when you read the letter. We are happy to upload the documents directly into your account for you if this is more comfortable than you submitting the documents through the methods listed on your Marketplace letter.

Feel free to send an email to Patrick, one of our Health Insurance Specialists, letting him know that you would like for us to take care of this for you. Please include in the email: your name, a copy of the Marketplace letter you received and an attachment of the documents requested. Patrick’s email address is Please also feel free to give our office a call if you have further questions: 801-718-0051.

Thank you,

The Health Insurance Specialists

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