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Why is the Marketplace asking me to send in more information? Did I do something wrong? Why didn’t the Marketplace ask for documents last year?

Don’t worry, this is normal. A lot of people that apply for Marketplace coverage are asked to send in verification documents. If you send in the correct information and everything checks out then nothing will change. You”ll keep your tax credit and your plan will stay the same. But if you don’t send in the right information then you could lose your tax credit, which means your insurance will become really expensive and your health insurance benefits could get worse. If you lose your tax credit you could do an appeal.

What kind of information will they ask for?

They may ask for proof of verification of income or citizenship.


The Marketplace may have found an inconsistency in your application compared to the information they received from the IRS. In order to clear up the inconsistency, the Marketplace need supporting documents.

What are the supporting documents?

For income verification, the following LIST is acceptable.

For citizenship verification, the following LIST is acceptable:

Any other documents I need to be aware of?

You may also need to send in information to confirm that you had a Qualifying Event and your eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period.

NOTE: It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you send in the required documents. If you don’t send in these documents, you could lose your financial assistance and it could possibly change your health insurance coverage. Please submit the documents as soon as possible.

What are my options for sending in my documents?

Send documents to us and we can upload the documents for you

Mail your documents to the Marketplace.

If you have any other questions about required documents, or if you want clarification on some of this information, here’s my calendar link to make an appointment to speak with me: 15 min phone meeting

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