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Laptop, Woman, Education, Study, Young, ComputerAs your child goes off to college, a lot of times, the question, “Should we buy the health insurance that they offer at the school?” comes up. Some colleges actually require that you have a student health insurance plan to maintain collegiate status. So what’s better? Getting the campus care insurance or having their own health insurance plans? Looking into this, there’s lots of options you can go with.

Of course, it’s always important to look at the cost. What is the cost of the student health insurance plan and what are you getting compared to what’s available to you outside of the campus health insurance? The other thing to consider is sometimes it’s better and more affordable to have your child stay on your plan if they’re under 26. Most of the time, that works. (It doesn’t work if you send your college-age student out of state because your health insurance doesn’t have the network, or the coverage). In those situations, looking at the campus insurance is important but you can also see if there’s something available through the marketplace, which we help a lot of people with. The bottom line is to go with the best and most affordable option.

If your student can stay on your plan, and it’s affordable health insurance, then keep them on your plan. If they’re offered good health insurance through the campus insurance and it’s affordable, then that’s the route to go. The other option would be to get them their own health insurance plan through the marketplace. A lot of students can qualify for great discounts on their health insurance because of their income situation. Additionally, they’re allowed to get really good coverage at a very low price which would be good for them. And that’s also helpful if they’re moving out of state. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. You can reach us through our website, you can call us directly, or if you want, you can schedule a time to talk to Tim.

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