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Here at The Health Insurance Specialists, we are all about taking care of our clients. In this world, you need to have health insurance. More than that, you need to have access to quality health care within without breaking your bank. You need to know that the premium you are paying each month will actually help you. We have taken the time to learn about health insurance plans from numerous carriers. We can give you the advice that will help you pick the right plan. There is no problem too big or question too small.

We work with all Major Health Insurance Providers including:

Offering other insurances we help with:

We also offer home and auto insurance! Call us to find out more!


The Health Insurance Specialists assist small groups and individuals in providing and understanding health insurance plans. We have built our business on helping property & casualty agents and financial advisers consult with their clients to have health care coverage for their clients.
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Bethany Dawn Tracy

We refer our clients to the Health Insurance Specialists for their health insurance needs. We like having knowledgeable industry professionals on our side that we can trust with our clients and know their needs are being put first.

Jeanette Miller

I have worked with them for a few years and I have always been happy with my service. Everyone has been helpful in answering my questions and making sure I’m all set to go each year with my insurance plan.

Paul Howell

Tim and his team are experts in the Health Insurance marketplace. He has taken great care of my clients with his thorough knowledge in finding the best plans at a great rate!

John Taylor

Tim did a great job with my personal insurance. I would highly recommend Tim and his staff. They make sure you understand all of your options with your health care. They help you make the best choice for you and your family. They take the confusion out of health care. Love what he does!

Joey Webb

Tim and his team are extremely knowledgable. A great recourse to have in the ever changing Health Insurance world.

Bryan Hurd

Tim is an expert in the confusing world of health insurance. He helped consult my family into choosing a plan that worked out great for us. You can trust Tim and his team.

Jay Carnahan

The Health Insurance Specialists sure know their Health Insurance. They have an amazing team and worked very hard to find great coverage. Thanks Tim!

Rory Duckworth

Love Tim and Crew. He has taken care of my clients Heath insurance needs.

Our company has worked with Tim for a little over 2 years now. He is helpful and knowledgeable on health... read more

billing accounts Avatar
billing accounts

Tim and his crew were very helpful in setting myself and my husband up on the perfect Health Ins plan.... read more

Teresa Aller Avatar
Teresa Aller

I was helped out by Chad tonight and he was fantastic! He was very patient and kind and made me... read more

Kionna Jensen Avatar
Kionna Jensen

For the past years, ever since I first signed up for health insurance through the Marketplace, I've just muddled along... read more

Arden Brink Avatar
Arden Brink

I had the best experience with Tim! He was able to answer all my questions in a way that I... read more

Rachel Butters Avatar
Rachel Butters

Tim is the best! We had a few questions and needed help with a few things and he answered our... read more

Ashley Bills Avatar
Ashley Bills

Talk To Tim: The 5 Basics of Health Insurance (Part 2 of 5)

The 5 Basics of Health Insurance: Coinsurance EPISODE 1: DEDUCTIBLE What is Coinsurance? Coinsurance can be described as “your share of the costs of a health care service.” This is a tricky process that is commonly heard and understood as...

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Does your Health Insurance cover COVID-19?

Here at the Health Insurance Specialists we are sincerely concerned about the health and safety of our clients. In efforts to relieve any concerns regarding your health insurance coverage, here is information on how your insurance covers COVID-19. What is covered?...

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Do I Need Dental Insurance?

Great question. People ask me this all the time. Dental procedures can get really expensive. In fact, it could end up costing you several thousand dollars if you pay for the procedure out of pocket. Dental Insurance is designed to help you pay for those costs and make...

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We assists small groups and individuals in providing and understanding health insurance plans. We have built our business on helping property & casualty agents and financial advisers consult with their clients to have clear health care coverage for their clients.

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